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Lumens Introduces the New PS752 Desktop Document Camera
Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lumens Introduces the New PS752 Desktop Document Camera

FREMONT, CA, Feb. 15, 2017 – Lumens™ Integration Inc. today introduced the new PS752 desktop document camera. The document camera comes in Full HD, 1080p, 30fps resolution and 20x zoom capability. There is an HDMI input/output interface and it’s compatible with high specification audio-visual equipment. The creative dual side gooseneck lamps allow the light source to be adjusted, preventing reflections.

The PS752 desktop document camera has an internal memory for storing up to 240 images and the total memory is expandable to 4TB using a USB drive. Another feature included is the direct annotation for live image editing, a built-in microphone, synchronous recording and audio/video playback. In addition, the unique projector mode is for connecting a LCD or DLP projector to reduce the interference caused by different types of projector technology, allowing the best image quality to be delivered. The document camera is applicable for presenting in educational classrooms, courtrooms, medical training courses and other environments.


The PS752 desktop document camera will be available in Q1 and is priced at US $1999 MSRP.  


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