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RMK200 Mounting Kit, DX Antenna Splitter / Combiner, DX Base Antenna, DX Beltpack Pouch, HSI6000

Model: DX Series Accessories

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RMK200 Mounting Kit
The Remote Mounting Kit is a one rack-unit mounting panel for DX Series base antennas only.

DX Antenna Splitter / Combiner
The DX Antenna Splitter / Combiner is a 2-way antenna splitter combiner that provides flexible spot coverage.

DX Base Antenna
The DX Base Antenna is used with the ANT20-6 Remote Antenna Kit (for mounting antenna 6 feet from the base station) and ANT20-30Coverage Extension Kit (for mounting antenna 30 feet from the base station).

DX Beltpack Pouch
The DX Beltpack Pouch is a pouch for use with BP200, BP210 and BP300 beltpacks.


The HSI6000 is a 2.5 mm Headset Adapter for DX Series BP200, BP210 and BP300 beltpacks.

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