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Cloud-Based Remote Contribution Service

Model: Gagl

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<B>All your contributors, in one place.</B>: 

Gagl, a new cloud-based remote contribution service from Comrex, delivers conferenced audio from multiple contributors to Comrex hardware IP codecs in high quality. Perfect for a round-robin reporting program or for a “morning zoo” radio show, Gagl can support up to 5 simultaneous connections at once.

<B>Connect by clicking a link</B>: 

Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. All participants can hear other participants, and the codec can send audio back to them. 

<B>Designed with audio in mind</B>: 

Gagl uses the Opus audio encoder, with a bit rate that delivers both voice and music in excellent quality. Gagl also delivers audio directly to a Comrex codec with all the stability enhancements, pro-grade audio connections, and features that hardware codecs provide.

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