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LiveShot Hub

Model: LiveShot Hub

Part #: 9500-0515

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For when your wireless coverage may not be ideal.

While the LiveShot Video IP Codec is designed to operate well when connected to the Internet via one or two 4G modems, a 4G network is not always available. When faced with a challenging 3G-only environment, the new LiveShot Hub will provide connections for up to four USB devices. The Hub provides additional 3G bandwidth and, because of LiveShot’s advanced dynamic aggregation capabilities, the Hub also provides modem redundancy – as the camera moves, LiveShot will continuously adjust the amount of contribution from each modem.

Additional connection options

Beyond 4G and 3G cellular connections, LiveShot can utilize many other types of networks. For instance, typical 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz Wi-Fi networks can be accessed via USB devices, while 5.8GHz wireless radio networks, new mobile MIMO networks, and satellite uplinks are available via LiveShot’s RJ-45 port for the harshest environments. Of course, you can also use a wired LAN connection when available.

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