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Datavideo Corporation - TVS-2000A EDU Kit
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TVS-2000A EDU Kit

Model: TVS-2000A EDU Kit

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Level-up your routine announcements with virtual studio technology using the TVS-2000A EDU Kit. Now you can easily change your shoot location to virtually anywhere in (or out of) this world. Choose from over 20 included virtual sets including 3D news sets, classrooms, science labs, space stations, video game worlds, and more -- or customize your own set for a unique production made just for you.

With the TVS-2000A’s tracking and trackless technology, you can do exciting flying camera movements and realistic 360-degree pans with ease. This kit includes everything you need to produce a morning announcement including a custom made computer, 2 cameras (1x PTC-150, 1x BC-80), teleprompter, lighting kit, green screen with stand and a keyboard and mouse. The TVS-2000A EDU Kit is an excellent choice for educators who want to bring high end virtual studio production right to their schools.

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