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Model: Virtualset Maker

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The Virtualset Maker can now be used as a standalone application so that it can be installed on your PC or laptop just like any other standard software.

The Virtualset Maker provides a simple way to create, to edit and to personalize your Virtual Studio Set. Visualize your ideas by simply creating a virtual scene from any image. Virtual elements and objects can be easily imported to fully customize the studio sets.

With a user-friendly interface and a powerful graphic engine, the Virtualset Maker allows users to express their creativity without going through the steep learning curve of a complicated 3D design tool. You can build high-resolution virtual backgrounds from multiple layers of 2D images while the Talent and Screen layers add dynamic elements to the virtual studio sets.

Virtual set backgrounds created by the Virtualset Maker can be imported into a TVS-1000/1200 production.

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